Friday, October 07, 2005


I'm walking again. I mean, really walking. I got started doing it in Minneapolis while my wife was in Norway and I had long evenings alone. I found that with an ipod cranking, I really walked long distances. Walking to Bach organ fugues will almost walk your legs off. I mean, that guy had some pounding tempo! Then I'd shift to the shuffle mode and get surprised with what came on. My son Isaac said that the best way to get to know a person is to listen to their shuffle music, not what they want you to hear.
So, while we got busy with the move to California, my walking went from sporadic to non-existent. I like walking with my wife, but being much shorter than I am, our leg srides don't quite match. And besides, our walks are about talking and watching, not pumping lungs and legs. So we kept up our long and quiet walks, even after we arrived.
But two weeks ago I got the ipod cranked up and took off walking, down the hill to the ocean and along the sidewalk. Wow! Walking by the waters is so great with the sun and the surf. I thought I found my route. Downhill takes about 20 minutes to the ocean and 40 back up hill. So a 2 hour walk is great (not a clue how far it is!). So I'd walk down the hill, out to the ocean, along the sidewalk, then back up hill.
For some reason I decided this week to walk up the mountain first, past Westmont college into the hills. This time I was listening to "Casting Crowns" and Warren Zevon going one way, and Yo Yo Ma and Cambridge Singers going down. The road meanders along the mid mountain. What nailed me was my first major turn...there was the ocean, all the way out to the barrier islands, deep blue and spectacular, and above me the mountain peaks outlined by a sky whose blue is best called azure, going purple. I could see for miles, 15, 20 , 30, I don't know, but it was a long, long way. I was looking at things like a bird sees them.
So what happened up there, with great music, all alone, walking along at a great clip...I began to wave my arms to the music. I wasn't directing, I was flying on the vistas of sight and sound.


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At 11:41 AM , Anonymous Isaac said...

two things.. one, you gotta tell about steve martins mailbox. perhaps blog a photo of it next time.

also, i deleted a spam comment for you.


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