Saturday, October 01, 2005

why jibstay?

Jibstay is the piece of wire on the front of a sailboat that goes from the bow of the boat to the mast. It's importance is that it holds the jib sail; the front sail on a boat. And it's the jib sail that does the pulling of a boat through the water. the jibstay holds it all together. Though hardly noticeable, It's the piece of equipment that makes movement possible.
Now that's an oversimplification. The seasoned sailors who read this know that. I'm more of a novice when it comes to real sailing. I just like the imagery of those little things that seem small and insignificant, yet they are where all the strength is.
I hope my postings and thoughts will revolve around my observations of where the jibstays are, where the strengthpoints are that keep us moving.


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