Monday, December 19, 2005

The Gift

As a Dad and husband, I have been active searching for just the right presents for my wife and adult children. That process gets tougher and tough as kids become adults and go off and purchase what they need when they want something. It is also more of a challenge since this year they are traveling long distances by air to spend Christmas with us in California. So our gifts have been very selective and intentionally easier to transport.
Today as I was driving around I heard a radio show about relationships that hit me hard. The speakers contrasted the difference between holding grievances and grudges and giving compliments and grace. They spoke freely about how much one single compliment can mean to a person for a whole day and, how errosive criticism and complaints can be.
I'm going to try to give positive words and avoid my more natural orientation to cynicism and criticism. I'd like to be able to spend one whole day without a negative word. What difference would that make to my wife, my kids, my staff and church members?
As I go wallking in the hills behind our house, I have noticed the array of splendid flowers on the hillside that just grow there and bloom and splash the world with colors; no analysis, no debate, no justification, just beauty. May our words be flowers along the road this Christmas.


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