Friday, December 02, 2005

Sharky Water?

The transition from Minnesota life to California life is a pretty easy one to make. I don't think the reverse is true; moving from temperate to extreme must be tougher. I realize now how insensitive I have been all these years to my friends from the West Coast who hit the midwest in the throes of winter. I smirked at them and called them "wimpy". Those of us from Minnesota would try to out-cold them with stories of falling through the ice, driving on frozen lakes, throwing boiling water into the air at -20 and watching it turn into a cloud. "Top that!" we'd say. Earthquakes and mudslides and forest-fires were too sporadic to really compete with "tough-guy" weather stories.

Yesterday I was talking with a couple from church who are ardent surfers. They were going on a retreat up the coast towards San Francisco for the weekend. I asked them if they were taking their surf-boards, because in the Fall the surf is stronger and better. "No" she said casually, "Those waters are a little too sharky for me." SHARKY!! Does that mean what it sounds like, I aksed? "Yeah," she said, "Surfers are getting BIT there all the time." Give me COLD WEATHER any day over Sharky waters!


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