Saturday, December 10, 2005

What's The Big Deal?

The shadow of C.S. Lewis's "Screwtape Letters" seems to have more influence than the recently released "Chronicles of Narnia." I don't recall exactly the specific letter, but I remember the sentiment of the elder demon to the younger that real success for their dark cause was to get christians exercised about non-issues, trivia. If christians can exert their best effort on fluff, then there is no time for the big isses, the big deal.

This week's news has been an interesting toss-up of petty issues. Issue number one is what to call this time of year: Happy Holiday or Merry Christmas? Are the secularists winning if the word "Christmas" is removed from greetings and signage? Does saying "Merry Christmas" mean that subtle evangelism is happening? Jerry Falwell and other big hitters are going after stores that instruct employees to say "Happy Holidays", encouraging christians to boycott these places. Isn't the word "holiday" a derrivation of "Holy" "Day"? And Christmas means "Christ's" "Mass" or presence? ARen't Holy Days those days where God is particularly present among people? Is there a difference here?

Then there is Christmas Day service cancellations. On Friday's New York Time's front conver was an article about the mega-churches that have cancelled Sunday morning services on Christmas Day because they were not family-friendly. A number of big Covenant Churches (Life Church in Normal) and smaller (Ocean Hills in Santa Barbara) have followed suit; deciding to focus on Christmas Eve outreach services instead of Sunday morning worship. Now is this a big deal? I don't agree with cancelling Suunday worship because I think the bery best family-friendly way to honor Christmas is with other christians in a church setting worshiping God. I mean, isn't that the whole point of Christmas? God decided to take on human flesh and he arrived among us. I want to celebrate that in a big way, not with a dvd in my living room in my bathrobe and pajamas.

The amount of time and energy going in to these issues is sad. How does Darfur fit into these conversations? or child abuse? or hunger and poverty? or peace and justice? There is no great Aslan roaring here, only screwtape and wormwood smirking.


At 6:13 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

You would do well to see the very first south park video, The Spirit of Christmas

link: http://www.killfile.org/soxmas/

warning: some profanity.


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