Thursday, December 22, 2005

Willow Wimping

I know that I promised to not get cynical or sarcastic during Christmas (and the rest of the year). But I just finished watching the network evening news shows and both ABC and CBS featured spots on the mega-church decision to not hold services on Christmas Day. The networks were amazingly hard on this decision, calling it based on marketing more than theology. What impressed me was Rev. Gene Apple from Willow Creek. He stood there and took the heat as the spokeperson for Willow Creek. Who is Gene Apple? Where is Bill Hybels?
The absence of the big names, standing in front of their decisions struck me as singularly wimpy. Send out a staff person to speak for the organization and take the heat off of the head guys. That's cold. The decision to cancel services is their decision. But the way the founding pastors are ducking the spotlight is telling. Oooops.


At 9:32 AM , Blogger delete said...

Bill Hybels had this to say to Time magazine: "In our community, people—particularly seekers who may not normally attend church—are more like to go to Christmas services in the days preceding Christmas with their friends who invite them," says Hybels. This strategy leaves them "free to celebrate Christmas day as they so choose."

Like many other “seeker centered” churches, they have everything backwords--The wants and desires of men are put ahead of the worship of the Lord and the hearing of His word (John 4:23). I would want to hide too if I replaced the Lord’s day with a man-made holiday (Luke 6:46), even as wonderful of a holiday as Christmas.


At 10:28 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

got light, Don's message from the Christmas Eve service.

Also, i set up a podcast (not sure what he'll call it or when it will be updated, but you can subscribe to it with your podcast software - presumably itunes): jibstay podcast


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