Friday, January 27, 2006


I am still reeling from my trip to the LA Auto show a couple of weeks ago. I have always loved going to car shows, hot rod shows, antique autos, motorcycles, and boat shows. The guys from church who invited me told me it was big. But I told them I'd been going the the Minneapolis Auto show for years, so I knew what big was. I didn't. This was a huge show that took us hours to go through at a good clip.
What hit me was the special building (not room... building) dedicated to "specialty cars. Spyker, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, Maybach, Bugatti, and Bentley (I'm sure there were more, but I was too overwhelmed). All the cars began in the six figures, most over $300,000. They were cars! four wheels, seats, engines, steering wheels, roofs (mostly). They are meant to tranport persons from point A to point B. My family has always been Chevy types. Not the cheapest. Dad bought new Impalas. Theye were nice cars, but not fancy. We did not drive Oldmobiles or Cadillacs. Pastors did not do that.
When I bought a Vovlo, my folks thought that maybe I was getting a bit too fancy. But since it was Swedish and used, that would be OK. I admire styling and power. I am impressed with fast cars and well built cars. I love spending time looking at Mercedes and Audi and Porche. But all these cars, well out of my reach, were pedestrian when I walked into the specialty room.
I tried to get my head wrapped around what kind of cash flow could allow the purchase of a $300,00 car. What would car insurance be like? What are repair bills like?
I am not against wealth or success. I just don't get what an emblem like the one above is really worth? Don't cars rust? Are they not depreciable assets? How does this work? Hmmmm.
Maybe I need to look at why I use a Waterman pen and not a BIC, or why I spend $2.50 for a Starbucks and not Burger King 50 cents cups. Worth is a slippery topic. What's worth much to me is worth little to someone else. Where are my "Bentley" logos hidden away?


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