Monday, February 13, 2006

Life Pilings

In our community we have a wharf. I've never had access to a wharf on a regular basis before. It's really cool. You can drive out on it. There are three or four parking areas on it. There is a marine musem, four restaurants, and a bunch of trinket shops, all on the wharf. It's the place we go to get my new ultimate food: lobster tacos!! The wharf is made out of thick wood planks and rumbles when cars drive around.
Last week we were walking on the beach and walked under the wharf. And for the first time I took a long look at the pilings. Wow! There is this tangled, yet strategic arrangement of long poles driven deep into the sand and at different angles to support the wharf. They have endured some powerful storms, waves, and the regular tides. Walking under the wharf and seeing the pilings makes me all the more confident in the strength of the wharf.
The piling pictures came to mind this morning as I read two divergent articles in the paper: on the ongoing Islamic rage at the Danish cartoons and the huntin debacle with the Vice President in Texas. What do those incidents say about pilings, and support systems? It seems to me, a real novice, that when you scratch militant Islam you get rage and anger real fast. Those are pilings that frighten me and repel me. I am not drawn to hate and violence. Then there is the Vice President who, when scratched gets secretive. It took over 24 hours for it to be made public that he shot someone! Yikes! How long could you keep quiet the fact that you, a normal citizen, shot someone? 15 minutes? Different pilings.
I hope my personal pilings and the pilings supporting the church are different. That when scratched we respond with neither rage nor secretiveness, but with transparency and love. I hope that beneath my life are pillars of joy and hope, truth and beauty, honor and respect.


At 4:45 AM , Blogger Rick said...

Reading Jibstay makes me miss Santa Barbara so much. I gotta say, at some point in the future if you find yourself looking for an associate pastor with gifts in the creative arts field, my hand will be raised.


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