Thursday, March 23, 2006

Hijacked by Love

I was just having a Coke and waiting for my sandwich order to come. It was my 53rd birthday and I was simply delighted to have a whole free day with Martha and our son Luke, who drove in from Oregon. Luke picked up my camera and began playing with it while we were waiting. But that's nothing new. He has the same camera with a better lense, so I let him shoot away at me as I smirked. The first shot was not an accident, it shows the stealthy advance of friends from the Salem Covenant Church choir who surreptitiously flew out to surprise me. As they began to creep up on me, they began singing. I thought it was nothing, until it grew louder and louder.
When I turned around, there they were, singing and smiling and I....was out of words. I was hijacked by their love for me. That's an awesome place to be, especially when you know you don't deserve it. I'm not that great of a guy nor that wonderful of a pastor. I'm not the most thoughtful and considerate husband nor the wise spiritual model of a father I should be. But love works that way. It just gives itself away in a splendid and wasteful display of grace. And love gushed all over me on my birthday as these old friends hijacked me with their love.



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