Monday, March 20, 2006

Katie Burzynski Rocks!

I don't really like birthdays. I don't really like having attention focussed on me. I like surprising others, but I don't like having a lot of fuss made about me. So, last Saturday, on my 53rd birthday, I was cautiously hopeful that it could go by quietly, like a whisper. Our son Luke drove in from Eugene to be with us and that was all the present I needed, having one of our children with us. So, we spent the morning observing a seal rookery (I'll write on that more later) and then went to a favorite out-door sandwich shop along the coast.
While the 3 of us sat in the sun, enjoying a lazy Saturday, I heard singing...that was getting closer. I turned around and there were 9 members of the Salem Covenant Church (mostly from the choir) who flew in to California to surprise me. Believe it or not, I was rendered speechless, repeating in mantra-like fashion "Oh, my goodness!" and grinning. It was so out-of-the blue, so totally unexpected, so wonderful! I hugged everyone many times. I love being in California and developing new friendships at Montecito, but I did not realize how much I missed old friends.
But what made the weekend so incredible was Katie Burzynski: a high school junior and former confirmand who was the sole youth among the adults who came to visit me. Now you have to know Katie, how she takes conversation into the realm of full-contact sport. She jumped in to conversations with joy and enthusiasm and totally blessed me and everyone else. Katie is linking this visit with college visits as well. Katie did not realize I wrote blog sites, so I told her to expect to see herself in mine in the future. Katie...you rock!


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