Thursday, March 23, 2006

Where are the big questions?

I finished another meeting. It really doesn't matter which meeting it was. It was well run and fully attended. We covered the agenda and the chairperson led us deftly. Reports were given and questions were asked. The committee is important to the overall denomination, like many of the committees of a church.
But when I aksed a question about why we do something the way we've been doing it for a long time....I was met with knowing smiles towards a fool who really should know better than to ask. It's just the way we do things here. It's not the most efficient nor the most responsible, but it keeps things in balance. I got the point pretty fast; leave it alone.
Where are the big questions discussed in the church, in the denomination? It must be in another group than the one I'm involved in. It must involve a smaller group of trusted persons. Some of the questions I'd love to see discussed on the Covenant blogsite are: What is the real role of the Conference in relation to the local church and denomination? Who's in charge? Where are we going? Why do we have an Annual Meeting? Where is worship being taught? How do we care for youth pastors better? What is the future of Covenant missions? What are the questions missionaries are asking? If we practice both infant and bleiever's baptism, why don't we see it in mission fields? Where do we chew on sacramental theology in an emerging world? Does ordination help a pastor or get in the way? What role does the seminary play in the pastor's life and the church's life afer graduation? What are some of the big, exciting ideas that are rolling around out there? Hmmmmm.


At 12:03 AM , Blogger Brad Boydston said...

You might be interested in the Abet list --

At 6:17 AM , Blogger donnjohnson said...

Tell me more about Abet likst Brad

At 3:54 PM , Anonymous Kent said...

I checked the abet list and it is a members only site but I was unsure as to how to join. It seesm tro be a posting sight for emails and not a blog.

But to the question in hand. It may be that those who are responsible for such issues are not enthusiastic for an exchange like that. I believe it would bring a wide variety of responses and would be advidly attended.

At 12:02 AM , Blogger Brad Boydston said...

The Abet list is an email discussion list for grappling with issues related to church leadership, mission, and health -- specifically in, but not limited to, the Covenant Church. There are generally 5 or 6 posts a day -- pretty low volume -- but it can at times heat up.

You can sign-up through the form on the website -- http://www.covchurch.org/lists/listinfo/abet

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