Thursday, June 15, 2006

Update from France

My trustworthy apple ibook froze and crashed two days ago, and in spite of Isaac,s great help, it kept shutting down and endlessly asking to reboot. So, no pictures from our wanderings. But I did finally get the finished draft done on "OLD STONES: a rediscovery of sacred space" and sent off copies to my children (just before the computer crashed). So that major project for this France trip is done and now I,m reading Greg Boyd,s book "The Myth of a Christian Nation" and have zritten a review on it for the Covenant Companion.
If you know Isaac, my eldest, would you flood him with birthday greetings on the 20th of June? He will be 28 and we are not able to be around to celebrate with him, so I thought a bunch of you could help!


At 5:47 AM , Anonymous same ol' Kent said...

Yo Don,
It is Sunday morning and I have quick moment before the events of day ramp up to speed and I was wondering you and Martha are enjoying your time. Blessings on you on both as you are still and I pray for the broken MAC. Hope you had a great Lord's Day.


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