Friday, July 28, 2006

The New "Indulgence"

In the Business section of July 28 NY Times is a fascinating article on food habits in the USA. "The restaurants, hopeing to appeal to consumers looking for what the industry calls 'indulgent' offerings, are promoting the consumption of copious amounts of food." The BK Stacker, pictured above has 1,000 claories, 1,800 milligrams of sodium and 1 1/2 day's worth of saturated fat....and that's not even including the fries. Not to be outdone, Denny's is offering its "Extreme Grand Slam Breakfast" of 3 strips of bacon, 3 sausage links, 2 eggs, hash browns and 3 pancakes, bringing in 1,200 calories, and 2,510 milligrams of sodium at only $5.99. The article goes on to list the offerings from Wendy's, IHOP, Hardees, Carl Jr. and others.
The point? While Americans profess to be concerned about healthy eating, curbing obesity, and exercising good choices, "there is no payback or immediate gratification for eating healthier." When Wendy's offered a fruit option in response to market surveys, it was a loss-leader. "We listened to consumers who said they wanted to eat fresh fruit, but apprently they lied."
"Indulgence" is no longer a theological term denoting a mechanism to take time off in Purgatory, but rather a means to experience right now the "salvation" of extreme flavor and taste.


At 5:26 PM , Anonymous kent said...

I readily confess to be on the heavier end of the bench, but not I am attracted to the "stacker". There is no way I want to have three paddies of meat with cheese. That way too much. There is some burger from Hardees that is bigger than most familes can eat. Immediate gratification is further sign of our immaturity.

At 11:17 PM , Anonymous Isaac said...

I've had the 4 patty BK Stacker. It's a magnificent culinary indulgence. But that being said, when i do order one of these from BK, i only order one. If I go anywhere else I often order 2, sometimes 3 burgers.

For instance, at wendys, i'll get 2 classic doubles with cheese. At 747 calories a sandwhich, it greatly outweighs the BK Quad Stacker when i pound down two.

Sure, the stackers may not be the right food for children or youths. But as an adult I should be able to enjoy whatever ridiculous treat my local fast food joints are willing to flame broil and stack on a pad.

and again, one must consider audiences. If one wants good food, why on earth would one go to a fast food joint? That's like when target canceled their Furio line. They probably chalked it up to "well, i guess people don't like high end furnature" when the real truth was people don't go to target for high end .. well, anything, really... but especially furnature.



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