Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Boyd's Big Splash

Just before leaving on a long trip this summer, a friend gave me a blue-covered book with a picture of the Statue of Liberty holding a cross. "You need to read this book." she said. "You won't always like it, but it's very good and very important." I took the book with her giving me a wink and tucked it away in my luggage.
Several weeks later, now on a long vacation, I pulled the book out and started to read it. I could not put it down. She was right. It is a troubling book to read. It is jarring in some of the things Greg Boyd addresses, assumptions I quietly carried around about faith and citizenship and civil religion. I really like getting along with the community in which I live. I like politicians (of any party). And I get ruffled when I read about some group that threatens to take away some civil right I have. I want to fight back.
I also know Greg Boyd. We have worked together and prayed together with Efrem Smith and Sanctuary Covenant Church as it began some years ago. Greg really loves Jesus and really knows his Bible. Greg says stuff that most of us just think. Greg gets in trouble a lot. Greg pays a price for saying what he does.
Since last Sunday's New York Times featured Greg on the front cover, he has made a big splash and I have been reading all sorts of blog sites and comments about him. But most comments are about the article, not the book. Many comments are topical springboards that are really not about what Greg said, but what different authors think.
It's time for the Covenant to invite Greg Boyd to address the Midwinter Conference and give us all a chance to interact with his provocative thoughts and ideas about serving under others. I know schedules are made years in advance. But wouldn't it be fun to have someone you really want to hear?


At 10:17 AM , Anonymous Kalon said...

Thanks for the book review: I've added it to my Amazon shopping cart. And it would be nice to have a forum for exploration of ideas like this with church members. But we need to work on loving others as Jesus modeled, developing an openmindedness to new ideas, and working on true humility: without these in place our attempts at political discussion in the church can become ugly.

At 10:46 AM , Anonymous Kent said...

I would vote for that, he would be a person who I would make sure to attend in order to hear. Oh yeah, his could be one of the books they give out for free!

At 11:29 PM , Blogger Brad Boydston said...

We did have Greg at Midwinter a few years ago. It was great interaction. Or was that the annual meeting of the Ministerium -- no, probably Midwinter. I would enjoy having him again -- whatever the forum.


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