Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Martha's Art

I am married to an artist; a printmaker to be exact. Martha knew she had to be an artist from age 3. But getting her to talk about her art is almost impossible. I've learned that over 31 (soon) years of marriage. Art isn't a topic to be talked about, so much, for Martha as it is to be seen and experienced. So, friends ask, what does her art look like? I have some prints on my office walls and at home, but her art is in galleries around the US and now in Norway. So it's kind of hard for most of us to see what she does. And being a fine artist (vs commercial artist) she has shied away from computer graphics and internet technology...until yesterday.
Yesterday our son Luke helped Martha launch her first web-site of her art. So, I'm blatantly promoting it here for you to go see. Her new site is www.marthaensignjohnson.com and you can see some of her work that I have privately enjoyed for so long.


At 4:17 PM , Anonymous Doug said...

Thank you to you and Martha! I especially enjoyed the immigration series. Not an immigrant, but I too often feel that I am standing in two worlds, not quite at home in either. I hope that series will grow.

Please tell your wife thank you for making her pictures available on the web! Very beautiful!



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