Thursday, August 31, 2006

Sustained Thought

I read this quote on a leadership website and it struck a nerve.

On a typical workday, more than 75 percent of senior executives and managers have an hour or less of uninterrupted time, and more than 25 percent have less than a half-hour, according to a new nationwide survey conducted by NFI Research. Of the individuals surveyed, two-thirds said that they are distracted 11 to 40 times a day, while a third said their interruptions number 21 or more.

SOURCE: Chuck Martin Hold that Thought DarwinMag.com

I fight for time. I fight to have a sustained devotional life free from interruptions and distractions. My biggest enemy is me. I allow myself to become sidetracked by news obsession (why do I read the articles I read in the NYT's?), email reading obsession, voice-mail retrieval, snail-mail reading and now website and blogs I love to visit. The evening (like now) is the better time to go get lost on the web.
My challenge is a simple one; to read the Bible and pray...period. Lists, meetings, phone calls, are all things I allow into my head to go chasing off after like our old beagle dog on a scent. I have a hard time ignoring those tempting scents.
Or is it that I'm finding good reasons to avoid silent time with God? That's the harder reality I'm facing. I need to have sustained time alone with God if I'm going to keep up, if I'm going to be able to preach with power and pastorally care for people in the name of Christ more than customer satsifaction.
And if I, a paid religious professional with a private office and support staff to shield me, have a hard time with sustained quiet time with God, with sustained prayer and reading, how hard is if for folks with regular jobs? The quote above got me to thinking about how jangled and frazzled church leaders must be.


At 7:20 AM , Anonymous kent said...

It ought to also teach us (me)to alter our (my) expectations of those we (I) serve. Perhaps our task is more around help them carve out the time to read and pray and think rather than giving them more to do.


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