Saturday, August 12, 2006

Yesterday's Normal

Ever since I received the phone call from my brother with the questions,"Have you heard the news?" I have been devouring and digesting news about the most recent terrorist attempt to wreak havoc on the West. On the one hand I am proud of an applaud the solid police work and international cooperation that intercepted these death-merchants. But on the other hand I slap my hand down with frustration and say "Oh, shoot! Here we go again!" New procedures, new banned items, new worries, new and longer lines. The only really safe way to fly is if we all flew naked. Though just the thought of that would keep me on the ground.
In one article I read I came across a poignant phrase that summarizes the pace of change "yesterday's normal." That really encapsulates my sense of what's happening; or norms keep changing, old rule books are thrown out. We have new ways of fighting called asymmetrical warfare. Tom Friedmans' "The World is Flat" hit on a number of these processes. But the sum result is that the understanding of what is normal is fleeting. That works for the other areas of our world like commerce, health-care, education and computers and internet.
I am no Luddite, with a penchant for crawling into a cave with a candle. Instead, I wonder if this is not a call to the church to reassert what is eternally normal, true, beautiful and right?


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