Monday, September 11, 2006

It's Raining!

I flew out of Santa Barbara via Los Angeles to Chicago last night. I left bright sunny skies in Santa Barbara, and golden hued haze of Los Angeles as we flew into the night. Because of delays, I did not get into the hotel till about 1:45 am and dropped into a deep, exhausted sleep. But, true to form, I woke before the wake-up call came, had breakfast and returned to my room for devotions, email and preparation for the day's meetings.
But guess what? It's raining outside? Steel grey skies and rain pattering down on the roof in my 2nd floor room. I have not heard the sound of rain since May because of California weather/drought. It's a midwestern sound that calms my heart and makes me want to bail our on all my meetings and just hang out in my hotel room and read, write and pray. The rain acts as a blanet around me. The wonderfully bright sunshine of Santa Barbara (fog in the morning and by noon....zapp! bright blue skies) is so gorgeous it compels me out-doors. And I have noticed that I need the rainy times to slow me down to sit and pray, read and think.
When people ask me if I miss the cold of Minnesota, I say "Yes, I do." Not that I dislike 70 degrees almost every day, but I miss seasons and contrasts. What I miss most about the winter is the sound after a snowstorm....nothing...muffled silence except for the crunch of boots or skiis going through the snow. It's the same thing with the regular rains. This is a really good sound (normally excluding hurricanes etc.).
If I'm lucky, maybe I can even splash through a puddle today!


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