Monday, September 04, 2006

Meals on a Stick

I got a phone call from my son Friday afternoon. He took the day off and went to the Minnesota State Fair. That was an outing the two of us did together religiously. We had our own route through the Fair: machinery, boats, cars, hogs, chickens, horses, the midway (where all the rides are), an all-you-can-drink milk booth and then the salesmen hawking indestructible knives and sponges that will absorb five gallons of water.
But the culmination of our pilgrimage was to find the newest Minnesota State Fair food....something on a stick. Minnesota is known for stick-food. I've eaten deep fried twinkies on a stick, deep fried onions on a stick, icream deep-fried on a stick (that's right...I'm not lying!). Last year they offered spaghetti and meatballs on a stick and this year it is pictured here: hot-dish like you have in a Lutheran Church pot-luck...on a stick. Mmmmmm!


At 11:30 AM , Anonymous kent said...

I heard they now have fish on a stick. There is no limit to their imagination.

At 9:47 AM , Anonymous kent said...

I am curious, why are all the foods in Minnesota on a stick. Do they lack utensils? Table manners?

At 6:34 AM , Blogger donnjohnson said...

food on a stick can be eaten with mittens on


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