Friday, September 15, 2006

Tempted to become a Luddite

This is one of those days when my joy at the internet and computers backfired. I cannot get access to jibstay myself. My server can't find the URL, then when I log in with my password, it announced in big, bold black letters that access is FORBIDDEN?!?! What? Did someone slip something nasty into my site? Did I not pay some bill?
Then in the afternoon I tried getting a new HP printer installed on my wife's emac and it just would not recognize the installer disc. So I moved it to my office and brought back an identical printer and substituted it for my wife's, but flashing red exclamation signs came up announcing terrible mistakes and errors. So I reinstalled my wife's old epson C84 and now her printer heads are all gummed up, even after going throught the head-cleaning routine 25 times or more. Now, with her printer heads ostensibly cleaned, anything printed out looks like some middle-eastern script long forgotten.
Maybe it's time to return to bic pens and pads of paper!!


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