Tuesday, September 19, 2006

What a blessing!

We drove through the early fog to the harbor and rode in a dinghy out to the waiting boat. Peter and Lisa, invited Martha and me and a friend from church to participate in the blessing of their boat. The new priest at the Santa Barbara Mission, Father Dan, (oldest church in California) came out later in another dinghy in his brown cassock, sandals and boat-blessing-rite. He asked me to read the Gospel lesson (Luke 8:22-25) about Jesus stilling the storm. We sang a Psalm responsively and he offered a prayer for blessing. Then, singing a refrain to God, we processed through the boat, Father Dan in the lead, with his bottle of holy water, the owners next, and us, a four person choir, following up in the rear.
After the blessing, we sat down to breakfast and coffee and talked about salvation and baptism. What a morning!


At 5:31 AM , Anonymous kent said...

it looks like a great ministry platform!

At 5:25 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Don ("Dude"),
I've always been a bit uncomfortable about blessing inanimate objects - boats, motorcycles,etc... It's more about blessing the people who use and enjoy them. How do you approach this? Where do you draw the line? Some random thoughts on a Thursday morning...

At 7:58 AM , Blogger donnjohnson said...

It's interesting that the "blessing" was just that; blessing the occupants and purposes rather than the things themselves

At 10:42 AM , Anonymous billy said...

Don, might you be availble to bless my rusty 91 honda accord? (It could use a little prayer) Afterward I could treat you to a bagel, coffee and conversation about theology, ecclesiology and life in S.B. Then again, we could just skip the honda and go for the coffee and conversation. I'm serious. (About the coffee, not so much about the honda, then again, a little prayer couldn't hurt.)

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