Saturday, September 23, 2006

When the Wind Shifts

This unedited photo was taken 10 minutes ago from the balcony of the church. The normal winds coming off the ocean, bringing cool weather and blue skies, shifted late this afternoon, bringing to soot laden clouds from the Los Padres "Day Fires" burning over 100,000 acres out in the wilderness. The immediate effect is the bronzing of the sun. Next comes warmer night air than day air. The winds in the desert hit 60 mph, fanning the fires dangerously (not for us in Santa Barbara). If the winds play out like last week, the morning will bring a light dusting of ash and thick air all day. Interesting stuff!


At 7:06 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful,Don. Thanks for sharing! :) Carolyn

At 7:04 AM , Blogger Rick said...

I remember well that the end of August, 1977, right before I came to Westmont as a 3rd year transfer student, Montecito was engulfed in flames. I remember that in the Sacramento newspaper, there was a map of the enflamed area and Westmont was in the middle of it - which means MCC was in the middle of it too. I wondered what I would find when I got there.

Westmont and MCC were fine - in fact driving up Hot SPrings to Sycamore Canyon to COld Springs there was no sign of fires having been there - but the devastation was all around. I spent my first weekend or two (along with other student volunteers) cleaning out homes and neighborhoods that had nothing left.

I remember seeing that sun on many days.


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