Monday, October 23, 2006

Screaming; a temptation for a blogger

I must admit it. I snapped the other day. Living in the parsonage on the campus means the borders between my personal world and professional world blur. A group used the building (a good thing) and were a little loud (not really a bad thing) and they did not clean up after themselves (an inconsiderate thing, but not really in the category of bad). So I launched into a rant and posted it. It was a little scream. I overheard a conversation with a person who suffered a consumer injustice and said: "I'm so blogging this!" as if it was her steam valve for anger. I laughed when I heard it, and cringe now when I think about it.
Why is it so much easier to gripe, criticize, critique, and get sarcastic on a blog? When I sit down to write, so much negative stuff comes up first, dumb things politicians do, innane things denominational leaders do, insensitive things church leaders and pastors do, and on and on the list can go.
The post I did on anger some time ago still haunts me; there is a lot or residual anger in the culture, and I'm not immune from it. My goal this week is to let all anger get filtered through prayer. I'll let you know when I stop screaming!!!


At 5:54 AM , Anonymous kent said...

Are you sure blogs make it easier or do they just give us a larger (seemingly larger) forum for getting the crap off our chests. If we don't don't blog, we complain and grip to our friedns or anyone standing still long enough to endure our rant.

Are we become more immature? I am afraid the answer is yes.


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