Saturday, November 04, 2006

Anonymous4...must get!

Can you wear grooves in a cd? Martha and I picked up Anonymous 4's latest album "Gloryland" and can hardly stop playing it. These four women and two men instrumentalists have a whole album of gospel and folks hymns from early American heritage music. While I'm not a musicologist, I do read that this is classically shape-note singing both acapella and instrumented.
It hit me even harded tonight as I listened to "A Prarie Home Companion" as it ended, and they all begani singing old songs and hymns. I'm hungry for hymnic memory. This week we learned that my wife's mom is now fighting cancer again, and it makes life so much more fragile and tender. A gospel hymn that is so strong on the album for me is: "Where We'll Never Grow Old". "I have heard of a land on the far away strand. Tis a beautiful home of the soul; Built by Jesus on high, there we enver shall die, Tis a land where we never grow old." Then the refrain sounds; "Never grow old, never grow old. In a land where we'll never grow old; Never grow old, never grow old, In a land where we'll never grow old."
Won't that be nice...really? When the time comes when age and illness will not ravage...and where we'll never grow old.


At 9:19 PM , Anonymous Gary Means said...

I have two superb CDs by Anonymous 4:

Hildegard Von Bingen: 11,000 Virgins

- Voices of Light

I will listen to Gloryland. Thanks for the recommendation!


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