Thursday, November 30, 2006

Clay Waiting

A potter in our church allowed me to interview her in her pottery studio this week to talk about clay. I asked her to tell me about how clay waits. When I got there she had fresh chai tea brewed for us in a beautiful new tea pot with a woven bamboo handle. Then she began to talk and read to me about the complext nature of clay and its elasticity due to the presence of something called kaolin. Her textbook spoke of the billions of years of earth formation, compression, and shifting and glacial spreading of crust soils. That in itself is some signficant waiting!
She donated the small pot on the table in the sanctuary as an incomplete pot, waiting to be done. Its been wedged (working out all the air) and formed. It's been sitting long enough now to be dried out. But there is a lot of waiting yet to do: a bisque firing and cooling, glazing and glaze firing and cooling. There is probably another 40 hours, a least, before this pot is ready.
When I asked Lori how she knew the pots were ready at each stage, her eyes lit up and she talked joyfully, even lovingly about how "she knew" it was time.
The Lord "works with those who wait for him." Isaiah 64:4


At 4:39 PM , Anonymous Diana Trautwein said...

Oh, too cool. Love the Advent 'wreath' - guess they decided to forego the purple/pink scenario, which is fine by me. Lovely word picture as well.


At 6:49 AM , Blogger Ted Gossard said...

Good thoughts. It does seem long, but this does takes time. Which we don't have time for! Therefore we can't wait. Too bad for us. (Hopefully the younger generation can see in us older ones, some of the benefit of this kind of waiting.)

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