Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Invited to a Feast

Who does not like a feast? I have blogged about eating my way through Santa Barbara in homes and restaurants, outside, on the beach, at weddings, graduations, and all sorts of reasons in between. My eating is now making my belt shrink. But I haven't stopped eating. I've had calimari spaghetti, lobster tacos, new Mexican foods and all sorts of grilled vegetables. It's fabulous.

When I've been invited to a wonderful feast, I have a hard time refusing great food, conversation and music. But in the text for Sunday from Luke 14, a great banquet is refused by its guests for the dumbest bunch of reasons. Over and over again the servants try to get guests to attend. Can you imagine your Thanksgiving invitation being refused by your invited guests because they had to go look at dirt or watch cows plow? Come on! Yet refuse they did. But the master would not let a great feast go to waste, and neither will God. God's going to have his party and the table will be filled!


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