Saturday, November 11, 2006

A picture of Worry

We were sipping coffee outside at D'Angelo's this morning, trying to figure out how to make an altar-piece that told the story of Jesus' call for us to "not worry" in Matthew 6:25. I gave Martha and Jeanne the image in my head of all the tangles of worries that can distract and clutter our lives and the high contrast between the many worries and the focussed seeking of the Kingdom of God.
Well that was all it took as they brainstormed colors and textures, objects and images. I had to get back to church for a meeting and when I got out after noon, the two women were in the parking lot and asked me to go take a look and tell them if it was OK. OK? It was great! When I took this picture the light was reflecting in from the stained glass windows, making the branches all the more distracting and bright. Worries are that way, bright, attention-getting and even allluring. But there, nestled in the chaos is a tight nest holding eggs securely. They pictured the Kingdom of God in the midst of the mess.
Now, if I can just preach it as well as they picture it!


At 8:25 PM , Anonymous Gary Means said...


When I saw the picture, I honestly thought it was an installation at a local gallery or museum. It's beautiful.

At 11:12 PM , Anonymous BarBarA said...

That is a beautiful way to illustrate this passage! those women are very creative..You'll do a good job preaching, don't worry (get it!?!)

At 9:07 PM , Blogger donnjohnson said...

Thanks to both of you, I'll pass on the comments to the designers. Go to our church blog site for regular updates on the altar pieces these talented women put together at www.mcchurch.org


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