Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Warning: Do NOT finish the list

Some men gathered after Bible study today just talking and the topic got around to lists. I ventured into dangerous territory when I asked some questions. #1 Who writes the lists? #2 Do they ever write lists for their wives? #3 What happens when the list is completed? Is there a reward?
To a man, we found that we wrote some of our own lists, but to a man we were also given lists that our spouses compiled. They werre not onerous or harsh. Often they consisted of things we were happy to accomplish and did not know needed attending. We all had a delight in knocking items off the list, getting them done. Sometimes, we bragged, we could eliminate two things in one action (high fives to that one!).
But, when I asked if they ever wrote lists for their wives...there was a long silence and we all looked at each other's shoes. "That's not how it works" one guy said. It just did not seem to us a thing a husband did to (or for) his wife unless he was adding to a shopping list. Task list? Forget it. We are given lists.
Then, the tougher question about what happens when a list is done. There were no celebrations or parties. No one said "OK, now it's time to grab a favorite beverage and go watch a game for the rest of the day/evening." Instead, to a one, we said that the reward for finishing a list...was a new list.
Now tell me, where's the incentive to finish the list. I suggest delaying the completion of the list as long as possible with good excuses like: "I need to head down to Home Depot for another ________." or something creative. This is not mysogyny I hope. It's just one of those gender differences that is, pretty funny to me. But still, be careful and don't finish the list.


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