Saturday, December 16, 2006

Christmas Staff Party

Its a seasonal ritual; the staff Christmas party. One the one hand, it's obligatory and a "must do." I know. I've been going to staff parties for 26 years. And during the Christmas season, it can sometimes feel like one more burden...until I get there and realize how much I really like these people. Tonight we gathered at one member's home with spouses and we just hung out. We ate a lot of food and laughed on all sorts of crazy, tangential topics. But so much of the time when we gatehr for meeting, I try to keep discussions focussed and on-task. Tonight, we just rambled and laughed and loved each other. It's a great reminder to me of what a gift each and every staff person is, ever. Every staff person over the years I have been privileged to partner with while we were together at a church was a gift, even the ornery ones, the ones who resigned angrily or had to be asked to leave. Each one is unique and precious in God's eyes and of eternal worth and dignity. Tonight in the glow of the room I saw that precious dignity and was grateful.


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