Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Jesus #47

Confirmation classes remain a high-light of my life. For an hour and a half each week I get to hang out with about 10 7th and 8th graders (sprinkle in a 9th grader once in a while) to walk them through the Bible. This year we are exploring the Old Testament, developing a visual time-line on the wall ringing the room. So it's great being forced to distill the Exodus event into one class period. Greatfully I have 3 other talented teachers who add their creativity to the brew.
Well, a couple of weeks ago I gave the class a biblical clue about numbers. Bible numbers run like this: 7 days is a perfect number for God. 40 is an ideal number for a time-out, either in days or years. 10 (like commandments) is rememberable with one's fingers, and 12 is the perfect grouping size (tribes-disciples). So I thought that was a throw-away notion that would not necessarily stick.....not so.
Last night, in the middle of the students mid-year quiz, one particularly bright and observant student said, "Pastor Don, like if Jesus played football, he'd be number 47...get it?" When my face scrunched up confused he had to explain. "Dude, it's like the perfect combination 40 + 7. Do you get it now?"


At 2:21 PM , Anonymous kent said...

Narly Dude, it could be like you know a home jersey. totally awesome. Like rockin'. Whoa.


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