Saturday, December 02, 2006

A Potter's Gift

Being married to an artist is a learning adventure into the truly creative mind/soul. I watch how Martha takes ideas and transfers them to images, often searing and jolting, or whimsical and playful. But the creative process is a mystery to me, a person of word.
That being said, I have learned to appreciate artists and craftspersons of all types. So when one of the persons who attends Montecito Covenant who has been a potter for 30 years, offered to make a set of chalices and pattens (the bread plate) for the church, I jumped at the offer. Last Friday night, Lori Coleman presented me with these four chalices and pattens. They are light-weight so that one person can hold both elements in eucharistic stations around the sanctuary. The glazes complement the clay-tiles and adobe look of the sanctuary and this part of California.
Thank you Lori for sharing your gift to the Montecito Covenant Church community!


At 9:57 AM , Anonymous Carol Moen said...

It was nice to see Martha's artwork in the NW Christmas program. Very nice, as usual.

Our grandson, Nick, is doing some wonderful pottery. He will be off to college this fall and is looking for a good pottery school.

Special love and hello to you.


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