Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Rocky Balboa; a movie for boomers

When my boys suggested we go see "Rocky Balboa" I laughed out loud. I'm not a big boxing fan. I am also not a serial-movie watcher. After a movie goes through its 4th edition, it's usually running on fumes and the cash flow needs of aging stars. But my sons were insistent, so I caved in and bought matinee tickets and settled in for a sardonic laugh.
Little did I know that this was not a movie about boxing and Sylvester Stallone as much as it was about what to do with aging other's perceptions of limitations. What about when the heart still beats young but the body is old? What do you do, as Stallone ask, when there is still "more stuff in the basement" tapping his heart? It's about facing whining and blaming about not getting what you want and not being overshadowed by demons or memories. The movie is restrained in sexual content and language. The dialogue has some amazing depth (oh, it has some of those tough guy phrases that comes with both boxing and Stallone). But I went away encouraged to be a dreaming, visioning 53 year old pastor with a lot of "stuff still in the basement."


At 5:57 AM , Blogger Rick said...

Don, on my blog I have a couple quotes from a Stallone interview in which he speaks of his need for Jesus ( http://blog.lindholtz.net -4th entry down as of this morning). There was some marketing of this film as a reflection of his Christian faith. My Q: to what degree if any did you perceive that in the film?

At 7:27 AM , Blogger donnjohnson said...

Rick; I did not sense any overt Christian marketing from the movie, but a sense of sympatico with the way I'm wired.


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