Sunday, December 17, 2006

The Secret of Socks

My dad was the one who taught me this secret first. He learned it during WW II as he slogged through Germany and Austria in the dead of winter. "I always had one pair of socks wrapped against my stomach" he said "That way at the end of a day when we would find a place to camp, I could slip on some warm socks to warm up." Growing up in Minnesota, I quickly learned that secret: warmth is all about the temperature of your reet. If your feet are warm and dry, everything is ok. But once your feet get cold and wet...watch out! Now maybe some might call this a midwestern foot fettish. But fetish or not, it works. I have enjoyed warm feet in double-digit negative temperatures.
So today, it was cold in Santa Barbara. There was frost on the tiled roof of the church. The thermometer on our house said 41. It was bright and brisk. Standing in the shade without a coar was chilly. So I enjoyed dressing warmly, wearing a jacket and even a hat. But what I saw this afternoon was a paradox: shivering people in polar-fleece jackets zipped up to their necks with hats pulled down on their heads...wearing shorts and flip-flops! Somebody needs to have a heart-to-heart sock talk with these folks. Their lives would be a lot warmer if they wore some respectable woolen socks and shoes (long pants would also help...but then I've never figured how women survive really cold weather wearing dresses either).
Another thing my dad told me; "It's never too cold, it's just that your not wearing the right clothes!" to which my southern-born wife would angrily retort; "A lady never wears something ugly on her feet!" And do you know what? All 13 years we were in Minnesota...her feet were cold all winter!


At 5:41 AM , Anonymous kent said...

41 = cold??? What has happened to you? Sissy.

As for the flip flops, you live in California, they are weather whimps.

41 = cold. Arghhh, wus.

At 5:39 PM , Anonymous Norbert Johnson said...

I didnt learn very much in the infrantry. But i did learn how to keep my feet warm. And i still practice that today on occasions when my feet are very cold. I've had a few people on the way that thought that i lost something. But if this can make a good sermon illustation this is worth a lot. thanks for sharing, Dad.

At 1:39 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcom to California Don. Hearing you talk about the paradox of a coat, shorts, and flip flops brings me home. That to me is like seeing ice fish houses on the lake in winter to you. Hope you are enjoying my old stomping grounds. Steve McCord


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