Sunday, December 31, 2006

When You Turn the Artists Loose!

He approached me in the Fall. "Are you at all open to a different kind of worship service?" That's a loaded question! I asked him what he was thinking about. He told me that he is a good friend to a calligrapher and that they have done "duets" together. He's an accomplished pianist, member of the worship team and chairman of the Call Committee that called me to MCC. I said "Sure, let's talk more." And thus began a conversation that morphed into a marvelous New Year's Eve service tonight. Chris Call and Carla Harris led worshipers in a reflective evening of creatively arranged hymns and beautifully calligraphed text and image around the theme from Isaiah "You are the potter and we are the clay".
As Chris played, Carla wrote/painted and the camera you see on the chancel brought her work to the two side screens. There, we could see her hands working the posterboard as shapes emerged. Some of the hymns we sang, and others we read. Interspersed were prayers by Francois Fenelon, Charles de Foucald, and Eugene Peterson.
In the middle of the service, we celebrated holy communion by intinction at the kneeling rails on either side of the table. It's what happens when you turn the artists loose!


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