Monday, January 22, 2007

Annual Meeting Results

Last night the congregation I serve met for the purpose of its Annual Meeting. This is an annual gathering that is both joy and terror. It can be boring or chaotic, spiritual or dispiriting. We gathered first for a "soup-luck". This was a first for me; where everyone brought their unique, favorite soup and the Adult Ministry Team provided salad, bread, beverage and a developmentally disabled group that uses our kitchen made desert. About 50 people had Sunday night soup together, which had its own marvelous value, a simple healthy meal on a Sunday night ending the sabbath.
Then we reconvened in the sanctuary for the "Business Session." Right off the bat things went south when the computer system revolted and Dan Bos' powerpoint slide show of the year in ministry was gobbled up. I saw the show and it was superb, moving and evocative of the breadth and depth of ministry at MCC. So we will need to show it at another time. Then our Treasurer had a snazzy power-point presentation with no hard-copy backup. That too crashed and burned except Scott Yamahata is a closet comedian!! He gave the most delightful Treasurer's Report I've ever heard, telling us what we would be seeing. The upshot of his report was that the church came in ahead of expenses and behind the budget. But then we presented a new budget to the congregation that comes out 17% more than last year. It was unanimously adopted. I was surprised and moved.
How do you "measure" a church? What are the figures that indicate church health, life and growth? What are God's "metrics"? We talked in the Adult SS class that day about whether we have a compelling vision? That made me spend the whole afternoon preparing my report with the answer YES, there is a compelling vision here for worship at the center of our life, transformed and obedient lives emerging out of worship into our community. Health is a direction not a destination, it's resident in the community more than in the face/voice of the leader, it's seen in acts of obedience more than personal satisfaction, it's power is in the home and circles of friendship rather than in the big meeting on Sunday mornings, it's about touching the lives of the "litle ones" more than gathering "big names" around us, it's about being leaven, light, salt.


At 4:38 PM , Blogger Diana said...

AMEN! (And I second that.)

It was a good night, a good group.



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