Sunday, January 14, 2007

Arvid Adell's Great Article!

Nothing like a Sunday afternoon with a cup of coffee and magazines and newspapers to read. I have my rituals of reading the NYT's in my own peculiar order, then unread magazines from the week, local free papers, and blog sites of friends. Today Martha (my wife) suggested I try reading something different: the Covenant Companion. I'm a voracious reader and Martha is a discerning reader. So when she recommended the article by Arvid Adell in the January 2007 Covenant Companion, I was intrigued. Adell, philosophy professor at Tabor School of Business gently reminds readers of the power of the local church in creating spiritual reality. He states that the Covenant Church he was raised in 50 years ago planted in him four enduring truths: ontologizing linguists (you have to let him unpack this one!), emphasizing the important distinction between decisions and suggestions, worship as an occasion to experience God, and the practice of surrogate faith (again, a great notion for generations).
I guess his article falls on the heels of my reappreciation for the Gideons and other Christian organizations that are neither hip or in the spotlight.


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