Monday, January 01, 2007

Beginning the Year with Death

I was running a grocery errand when my cell phone rang. It was my dad, who cut to the chase "Don, we've just heard some terrible news. Gary just died." Gary Carlson was a childhood friend from my growing up years in St. Paul. His folks, Roger and Kay were very close to my folks. The Carlsons had three children, Gary the eldest, Tom, my age, and Joan, my sister's age. We went to the same schools, ice skated together, learned to ski together, were part of the same youth group. Gary, being 2 years older was a role-model whose approval I always sought.
We went different ways after college and my seminary, but he was part of the story of who I am as a product of St. Paul and First Covenant Church, for good and ill. While we have not talked in 15 years, a part of me died when Gary died this morning in Illinois as he battled with prostate cancer. Pray for his wife Meredith and kids. Peace to his memory.


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