Monday, January 15, 2007

An Extraordinarily Normal Sunday

The afterglow of Sunday lingers into the second cup of Monday morning coffee. No, we did not experience record-breaking crowds or streams of people coming forward in repentance. Instead, I was bowled over all day long by small acts of grace. Bob fixed the heating system that broke down on a cold morning. Mike came in early and got the sound system going. Kalon and Ruth, Gracie and Lucas came to both services to be prayed over and blessed before heading off for a year in South Africa. Cliff prayed a congregational prayer that moved me to tears. Diana stepped in at the last minute to pray in the place of a sick member. Chris (95+) invited 2 new college students to dinner, to reach out and befriend them. Liam is off with 8 Jr. high boys all weekend at a mountain camp.
The list could go on and on; from nursery care to ushering. I was aware of the multitude of small tasks done in Jesus' name with grace that made me humbled to be a pastor to such a community.


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