Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Kelly Family off to Bridges of Hope

The pickup truck and SUV pulled up about 8:30 on a crisp Santa Barbara morning. Kalon and Karen Kelly began untying the ropes that held all 12 suitcases and trunks in the bed of the truck. The SUV carried Kalon Jr., Ruth, Gracie and Lucas, ready and eager for the start of their 2-day sojourn to Cape Town South Africa and the beginning of a 1 year short-term mission with Dennis Wadley and "Bridges of Hope."

Watching missions launch gets better and better as I get older. I've headed off on my fair share of mission adventures. Going after months of planning is such a relief. It was written all over everyone's faces (except the grandparents, anticipating absence). Getting all the things in place, visa's, tickets, clothing, bills, is enormous. So once the bags were tickets and taken, the Kellys began. But I also know that how you start is nowhere how you end. They will see changes in themselves God only knows. I've headed off with an air of exhuberance bordering arrogance; as if I really knew what I was getting into. But mid-stream, depth things happen and eyes open and God begins speaking in a voice never heard at home in the routines of everyday coping. The Kellys will hear and see God at work in some exciting and new ways.
How cool is it to be a pastor in a church where people like the Kellys hear God urging them into a new area...and they go? God bless them!


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