Monday, January 15, 2007

Misery Chic?

New words catch my attention. So on last night's ABC news there was a piece on the "fashion" trend of celebrities going out into impoverished parts of the world to do good....or to market themselves? It was such a cynical slant to simple efforts to do the right thing. These celebrities have the means to do some good and they do it the best that they can. In response, the media looks at their efforts as a new way of product placement or image contouring. It's as if Angelina Jolie is sexier if she is surrounded by starving children or George Cluny is more charming in an AIDS clinic. What?


At 11:14 AM , Anonymous kent said...

Motives are never pure. If Angelina were just doing the act of kindness we probably wouldn't know as much about it. May be they attact publicity in order to have a greater impact. Hmmmmm, no.

At 11:16 AM , Anonymous kent said...

I just read the succeeding post to this one and the people you mention are the exact opposite of the celebrities who globe trot for their causes and make sure that we know about it.


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