Thursday, January 04, 2007

Praying the Year Off

Every night a small group gathers in the sanctuary at Montecito Covenant Church to begin the ministry year with prayer. The group is using the Covenant Prayer Guide based on Philemon. With an average worship attendance over 300, the gathering hovers at about 10 people. But in my 26 years of ministry, that's about right. Those who love to just pray are both few in number and prone to do it on their own. In years past in other churches we tried all sorts of ways to "get the people out" to pray: pot-lucks, home groups, tied to events, and, guilt.
Now I just show up (one of Ed Delgado's phrases) and wait to see who else shows up. I don't do any teaching or pontificating on prayer, we just read the lesson, accept some prayer requests and pray. Talk about sweet fun! We get still, and quiet and then the energy flows.
Now, I'm almost tempted facetiously to put a sign on the door saying "Prayer Week in Progress: capacity 10. Come back Sunday"


At 7:26 AM , Anonymous kent said...

Prayer nevere has been about size, it is about the hearts of those who pray. 10 is a good number. So is 11. So is 7. In the Bible rarely are there great numbers of who pray. Enjoy the week.


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