Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Day 2 in Nairobi

The day was hot and muggy. We arrived at the church right about 8:30 am and the sanctuary was filled to capacity, with over 1,000 pastors there for their second day of the Pastors' Bookset Project. The Kenyans love to shake hands. They overwhelm me with the genuine greeting and welcome of me and the other speaker. I started off at 9:00 am with one hour of teaching the different genres of biblical literature and introducing some of the 60 books they will be receiving. Then my partner took over with another hour of teaching, then the Chai break (tea made with raw milk!!). They then sat through 2 hours of teaching about the Christian response to HIV/AIDS then lunch outside under the sun, or any shade they could find.
I began the hot afternoon session on the nature of exegesis. The church roof is tin and radiates heat downward like the heat lamps in Santa Barbara. Almost all of them stayed awake and alert. Then my colleague took his second hour, then we answered written questions from the audience until 4:30pm. And even then there were long lines of pastors seeking talk with both of us about pastor concerns and items for prayer. The work begins right after breakfast and goes until we finish dinner together as a team, exhausted, but honored and blessed!


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