Friday, February 16, 2007

Hi from Nairobi

After 25 hours of flying and waiting, we are here in Nairobi for the S.I.M. "pastors' bookset project." We were greeted with hot and muggy air, and clouds of pollution. Driving out of the airport we saw giraffs roaming in large fields. We were greeted by Tom Halgren with great enthusiasm. The other speaker for both weeks is Benjamin Davadavason, a Sri Lankan pastor from Toronto who specializes in Hindu outreach. Tomorrow morning we leave for Kisumu and the first conference, that is regestered out at 470 participating pastors. The next week's conference here in Nairobi looks to go up to 1,000 pastors. Yikes!!
We are both still jet-lagged in a major kind of way. We purchased out supply of anti-malaria drugs that start tonight and lots of water. We all went out for an East Indian spicy lunch and Chinese tonight.
The drive to Kisumu from Nairobi should take 8-10 hours! Oh boy, road trip! Seriously, this will be fantastic! I'm not sure about internet up north, but if it's there, I'll find it and post some pictures. Thanks to all of you who prayed for us to get here safely. Now pray that God can use me. I'm feeling pretty overwhelmed by what's ahead!


At 7:44 AM , Blogger Diana said...

As a good friend of mine would say, "Hang on tightly to Aslan's tail!" It's going to be a wonderful, scary, stretching ride.



At 6:24 PM , Anonymous Kris said...

Scot and I will keep up with your travels. Blessings on your travels and ministry. We look forward to updates and pictures.


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