Friday, February 02, 2007

In Denver

I'm in my hotel room in Denver for the Covenant Midwinter Conference, Youth Workers Connection and Worship Connection. Dan Bos, worship leader at Montecito and I flew in from Santa Barbara this morning at 7:30 am. Santa Barbara was cool....Denver was below zero! Wow! I forgot what a breathtaking feeling it is to step off a plane into cold, dry air. I forgot the slushy feeling of melting snow with salt scratching underneath my feet. I forgot the fun feeling of layering-up with sweaters, coats, hats and bulky gloves, of tucking in ipod buds and hunching down into the wind in my own little bubble.
In the hotel, with Dan by my side, meeting up with Covenant colleagues, I forgot how connected I am to so many lives around the country. Dan stared in bewilderment at the different people with whom I reconnected, and not everybody is here yet. I forgot how agoraphobic I get after 5 or 6 conversations and need to get away to my room and get quiet. I forgot about the backslapping and remembering old times. I'm leaving Santa Barbara, arriving in Denver and getting ready for Kenya in 12 days.
Soon I will be presenting six teaching sessions on how to preach to 300+ Kenyan pastors in two different settings. Did someone forget to tell the leadership how foolish I am, how poorly qualified I am to teach preachers who are doing their jobs with now infrastructure and no support system? So maybe what I need to do in this hotel room, with the hot coffee perking and the cold wind outside blowing is remember not who I am, but whose I am.


At 7:03 PM , Blogger Diana said...

Well, I surely do hope you enjoy being all bundled up and freezing your nose off the next few days. We just got back from eating dinner ON THE PATIO at Los Arroyos. :>)

Do have a good time - and you are the one that God has called to teach these pastors at this time. There is no one better.

Blessings, Diana

At 7:45 AM , Blogger Gary Means said...

Even though I am not privileged to be part of your congregation, I am grateful that God has called you to serve him in Santa Barbara, and for a short season, in Kenya. May God work in powerful in and through you.


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