Thursday, February 08, 2007

M-4 project #2

A luncheon meeting with an Episcopalian priest and member, social service representative, parish nun, soccer mom, and two Covenant pastors does not, on the surface seem like a very exciting event...until you go beneath the picture. Those gathered about the table are representatives of the M-4, the four churches of Montecito California (Presbyterian, Roman Catholic, Episcopalian, and Covenant). Last Fall we all got together and raised funds for and packed up 1,000 AIDS care kits with World Vision. We had so much fun working together to bless the world we decided to try project number 2.
Santa Barbara county is a wealthy looking community, with a very poor underclass, hidden away, jammed into inadequate housing, trying to get by. Those who pay the highest price are the children. Each year kids begin school with inadequate supplies. The M-4 project this summer will be to raise funds for and assemble about 800 back-packs for kids elementary through high school who attend Title-1 schools (low income). We will be working with "People's Self Help Housing" which operates 6 housing developements for low income families. We will pack up and distribute these back-packs in August through housing managers of these units. It's pretty exciting to think about being able to give meaningful school supplies to 800 students in Jesus' name in our back-yard.


At 9:52 PM , Blogger Gary Means said...

That's truly wonderful, Donn.


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