Saturday, March 17, 2007

Council & Staff Retreat

It started with eating. The staff, council members and spouses gathered Friday night for a meal together in the Fellowship Hall then we went off to worship together. We sang songs, heard God's Word as love letters to his children, and we gave personal witnesses of God's love in our lives. We did not strategize, evaluate or prioritize. We just worshiped.

Saturday morning we regathered at the Samarkand Covenant Village and again. We spent our first hours engaging Ephesians 4:1-16 together. We shared where God is stirring and calling in our lives. We prayed together, for each other. Then we began to look at various assessment tools MCC has used since 2004 to articulate where we are going, where our strengths are and where our weaknesses are. We laughed and told stories. We dreamed and wondered. We asked questions and pushed each other. We is God calling us to grow next? What new depths is God calling us to as individuals and as leaders? The time was tender and deep.
We broke for lunch with 26 of our Samarkand residents who are also MCC members. It was, again, a time for stories and connections. When we gathered back together after lunch we began to distill our impressions and thoughts, celebrating where God has led us but also stretching where God is calling us. We did not rest on our laurels, but looked at the "shadow side" of our congregation and ourselves.
The joy of the day was that we invested in leadership and not just management. What a privilege to be a part of a Body that wants to grow in the image of Christ and equip and release members to serve the Savior!


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