Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Grateful for Home

The morning began in the dark and smoggy air of Cairo. The red sun began to burn through the haze as we drove to the airport. Then, after a four hour flight over the Mediterranean Sea and Europe, we wandered through Heathrow airport and its curious shops, filled with a kaleidescope of people en route from all over the world. The long flight home on a packed 747 was a day of dosing, watching, reading and enduring seats being crunched back into my knees and falling asleep mid-movie and waking up over Hudson Bay.
By 6:00 pm we were on our descent path into Los Angeles and we could see the shimering of lights from that huge bowl of a city. It was home, our home, where we belonged, where we could read the signs and navigate the roads.
The past three weeks have been a wonderful adventure and exposure to life and faith unlike many of our other travels. From the vitality and joy of the rural Kenyan church to the stiffling heat and ungodly pride of "mighty men of God" pastors from some of the big urban Nairobi churches. From tender words of appreciation from pastors too poor to own two ties to the strange requests of help from church leaders. The time in Egypt was little short of revolutionary for us. We were first-hand witnesses to a church so vital and healthy, yet beneath the radar map of western religious press and web.
But all of that is not home, not for us. California is home. Santa Barbara is home. Home is where you know where the coffee is and the kind of cereal you like to eat. Home is where you can drink the tap water and eat vegetables without worry. Home is knowing how to walk in the dark to the bathroom and not stubbing your toe. Home is the familiar quiet sounds of the morning and a know routine awaiting you. Home is understanding the TV reporters and being able to read the road signs. Home is people you know by first name and will see again and again. Home is where you not only observe, but engage and lead, invest and stay. Home is a place I do not deserve given the povert and destitution of the world, but receive with grace and gratitude.


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I love your sentiments about home at the end of your post.

Glad you had a nice, safe trip.


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