Friday, March 30, 2007


It is not an ideal time to take a couple of days and fly to Minneapolis. But with Martha's mom struggling with cancer and her valuable visits to her home, I began to feel the tug to visit my folks, to "go home" to them as son and not have them visit me as busy pastor. So I flew out early Wed morning and was picked up by Isaac and had diner with Isaac, Liz and her new friend Jeff. Then drove to my parents' place at Covenant Village to visit and pick up the car. Isaac and I stayed up late visiting and him showing me new features on this very cool phone I have (T-Mobile Dash). Thursday morning I sat awed as I watched Liz teach several classes of elementary students the principles of music, rhythm, history and notation. Wow! My daughter is a great teacher! I saw it! I had a relaxing lunch with my brother Tim at a hamburger dive in Bloomington, catcing up on family stories and care for our parents (Tim shoulders the load now). Then all afternoon and evening was with my folks at their apartment, going through the slides from our trip to Kenya and Egypt. Nobody asks questions as probing and interested as one's parents. They were as interested and proud of me as I am of Isaac, Liz and Luke.
Isaac joined us for dinner (4:45 pm line-up!) and we ate in and amongst all of my old members from Salem. Hugs and greetings were exchanged and warm memories were recalled. Lis then called asking if I could spend a longer time visiting with her and her friend before they went dancing. 8:30-10:30 pm I sat with this young couple at Cafe Latte talking about life and direction, faith and dreams. I have not done that before with a young man seeing my daughter. It quickened my heart-beat. Then they asked me to go watch them swing-dance at a club. So from 10:30-11:15 I watched them sweep the floor with grace and energy, delight and style. Is this my daughter??

Isaac was waiting for me and we watched Colbert Report together (recorded episodes) and talked tech things till my eyes drooped. Instead of visiting Salem Covenant Church, Isaac and I went out for a long Cuban breakfast (yes, a Cuban revolutionary restaurant in South Minneapolis). Then I drove to my parents' place to drop off the car and spend the rest of the morning with them after buying $50.00 worth of Caribou Coffee at a local grocery store. Liz had some free time, so she met up with us and Tim came by early, so the 5 of us visited and lughed and prayed together before I rushed back to the airport and home..or was I home? No, home for me is Santa Barbara, Martha, the church and my call. But I had a home in St.Paul and Minneapolis, with good friends and great memories. Pacem!


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