Saturday, March 31, 2007

Palms for Today

Palm Sunday is such a weird Sunday for me. It is so drenched with memories of singing in children's choirs under Bonnie Opel, draped in red robes with white collars that kept slipping. We would sing a descant along with the adult choir under Harry Opel, processing down the long sanctuary nave at 1st Covenant St. Paul to the tune of "All Glory Laud and Honor".
As a pastor, it was always the day for children to sing and process with their families. Palms were purchased, distributed and waved about. Children would proudly take them home with them. Happy Jesus on the donkey recognized by children's faith is such a warm thought. But that is not what the Sunday is about. It's about Jesus' frontal assault on all that was tradtional Judaism, forcing a confrontation. And, depending on which Gospel you read, it is also about the cleansing of the Temple, a righteous tantrum by Jesus, expelling the merchants and swindlers from his Father's House of Prayer.
This Sunday I am leaning into Jesus reaction at the top of the Mount of Olives when he sees Jerusalem. He weeps; not with a quiet dribble of a tear, but with heaving sobs and pain for his people, who just don't get it. After returning from Kenya and Cairo, I wonder if, as he watches us in our Palm Sunday routines, if he still weeps?


At 5:11 AM , Blogger kent said...

So then question is on Palm Sunday how has Jesus changed our behavior? How are we different because of him? If he confronts us how have we altered what we do?


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