Tuesday, April 17, 2007

1st person shooter world

Brad Boydston's recent blog captured an essential sadness when he said that the Virginia Tech news sorrows us but does not shock us. We are getting used to a 1st-person shooter world. The graphic cell-phone video captured by a student looks in many ways like a tv screen image of a shooter-game. Latest games spurt blood and body-parts. Quentin Tarratino is macabre-master at creating gore so life-like it becomes dark humor, camp genre. With special effects and high end computer graphics' special effects, we are addicted to ever-heightened degrees of violence up close and intimate. Utimate fighting, ultimate sports, crashes and "Jack-Ass" movies create a new genre of comedy premised on pain and violence.
When I walked through the Roman Colossuem several years ago, I tried to get a sense of the scale of violence people grew to love and appreciate. The space could be flooded for real-life naval battles or turned into a race track or lion pit. The technology the Roman Empire harnessed to make violence acceptable is incredible. When will we say no with as much force as we said no to Don Imus's use of racial epithets? When will the Covenant boycott hotel facilities that cater to pay-per-view pornography? When will youth pastors as block say no to violent video-games?


At 3:01 PM , Blogger kent said...

Why is it that violence is more acceptable than sex. Why can we watch Gladiator as a family and get all bent out of shape over a Victoria Secrets commercial?

and how do we stick this back into the bottle?


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